Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are The Business Advisory Company?

    the main objective of offering business advisory services is to bring more focus to the value proposition by delivering a broader range of advisory services and competencies. iCOSOL offers a full range of services to help clients tackle challenges faced in businesses.

  • Research Is What Makes An Effective Business Plan?

    A good business plan delves into each of the above categories, but it should also accomplish other objectives. Most of all, a good business plan is convincing. It proves a case. It provides concrete, factual evidence showing your idea for a business is in fact sound and reasonable and has every chance of success.

  • How Achieving Small Business Success?

    Getting a company started is only half the battle. Once you’re in business, you will need strong management tools and marketing skills in order to make sure you stay in business.Each step, executed in order, builds a solid foundation for the steps that follow. By progressing in this manner, rather than using the typical haphazard approach, you begin to gain the needed experience.

  • Why Business Planing Is Important?

    Business plan is a focusing device. It helps the entrepreneur think long-term. When writing a business plan, it is important to project into the future and not get bogged down in the steps involved in starting the company. Keeping the stone rolling is just as, or even more, important. Having a road map keeps the entrepreneur focused and motivated.

  • How Do You Startup?

    Starting a Business.
    Step 1: Do Your Research.
    Step 2: Make a Plan.
    Step 3: Plan Your Finances.
    Step 4: Choose a Business Structure.
    Step 5: Pick and Register Your Business Name.
    Step 6: Get Licenses and Permits.
    Step 7: Choose Your Accounting System.
    Step 8: Set Up Your Business Location.


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