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Who We Are (and why that matters)

We're an Indian based web and software development company with a difference. We're passionately focused on helping our clients, large and small, build and manage their business processes more efficiently. Our aim is simple: To minimise risk, increase profitability and help our clients and their employees, be more productive and stress-free.

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We were asked by a client to build a new system to capture sales expenses. We did our research and discovered the best solution was to create a simple paper form, not a system at all. Our client trusted us, which saved them money and time and gave them the most effective solution. Our clients love working with us because they know that we'll only propose what's best for them, and they trust us to deliver on time and to budget. We believe that this is one of our key differences.

We have lots of experience in both the corporate IT world and with smaller and medium-sized progressive companies. We really do understand your situation, and we're able to advise on the best way to meet your unique business challenges.

Our approach caters for business complexity and growth, whether you are a small growing business or a business unit in a larger firm. We believe that what we do makes a significant difference to our clients - many of our clients couldn't run their business without our software and we're confident that we can also make a positive difference for you.

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Our Clients

We passionately believe that what we do makes a difference to our clients, and they agree. We're trusted by our clients to deliver what they need, when they need it.

Our reputation, and our understanding of the requirements of the sectors we work in, has helped us to work with an impressive list of clients..

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  •   +91 -080 -420 -42599
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iCOSOL is a best web development company provide quality product to each and every core sector.

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